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savings accounts, their health savings account have more limitations on those. >> uh. >> to raise tax dollars to pay for the other things. >> right. >> that new health savings accounts can't be used to buy over-the-counter medications. >> aha. >> and there is a dollar limit on flexible savings accounts that used to be limited. >> okay. >> and income tax wise, it used to be that you can deduct your medical expenses at a lower tax rate. now, you have to spend 10% of your income in order to deduct those costs. >> so these will affect everybody. >> right yorks and people need to be aware -- right. >> and people need to be aware of that. >> y that a tradeoff. >> there is a safety net for those not impoverished and not doing as well as they need to do to get medical insurance, and those of us doing bitter with flexible spending and that sort of thing, will be paying in to help this work? >> and -- . >> i'm trying to translate it into language that will make sense. >> and a lot of people were using the accounts to buy over- the-counter medicines and this is where we get into the idea of cost
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1